2011 Events
Winter Retreat 2011 with Father George Aquaro

Spiritual Warfare, Demons, and Addiction - 12/10/11

A full crowd of participants gathered to learn from Father's George's enlightened and unique understanding of the human struggle with addiction. 

Click here to read Father George's blog, which explores addiction recovery in the light of Orthodox theology and spirituality.

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Saint Herman's Day

Saint Herman's Day Vespers and Bonfire - 12/12/11

O blessed Father Herman of Alaska,
North star of Christ's holy Church,
The light of your holy life and great deeds
Guides those who follow the Orthodox way.
Together we lift high the Holy Cross
You planted firmly in America.
Let all behold and glorify Jesus Christ,
Singing his holy Resurrection.

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Nativity 2011

Nativity 2011

Thy Nativity, O Christ our God,
Hath shined the light of knowledge upon the world;
For thereby they who worshipped the stars
Were instructed by a star to worship Thee, the Sun of Righteousness,
And to know Thee, the Dayspring from on high. 
O Lord, glory be to Thee.

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