Metropolitan Philip Saliba’s Vision and Camp Legacy

Commemorating the ten year anniversary of the repose of His Eminence, Metropolitan Philip Saliba of thrice blessed memory, Fr. Matthew Howell notes his major accomplishments: reunifying the divided Antiochian Archdiocese in the 1960s, receiving the Evangelical Orthodox Church into canonical orthodoxy in the 1980s, and purchasing the property for the Antiochian Village Camp in the 1970s. Fr. Matthew then focuses on the importance of the camp and camp programs, lauding Metropolitan Philip’s vision and care for the children of the archdiocese and the deep impact that the Antiochian Village has made across multiple generations. He finishes by extolling the people of St. Herman Church not to be afraid of major capital endeavors, especially regarding the building of a new temple, remembering that obedience to God’s will and carrying out a holy vision (like Metropolitan Philip did) will lead to more blessings than cowering in fear of a major price tag.